Refinancing Your Home

flyer-Adv_Sellers_TipsNow is the time to refinance your home. Interest rates are at an all time low. Lenders are ready to do business. And in today’s economy, a lower mortgage payment can be a big help financially and go a long way toward providing you greater peace of mind.

Once you decide to refinance and you’re approved by a lender, you’ll need to decide which title company you want to work with on your transaction. And since the point of refinancing is to reduce your stress level, you need to be sure you’re working with a title company that won’t increase it.

Your transaction deserves our expertise.
We have experienced associates familiar with the ins and outs of refinance transactions. We also employ transaction management technology in our office that can help ensure your refinance transaction moves along quickly and efficiently with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

We also now offer convenient online ordering for refinances in order to better serve you. Tell your lender you want to work with us for your refinancing and ask them to give us a call.

Contact us to hear the really good stuff – like credits we can take off the standard rates.*
Credits between 15% and 40% may be available on the new title policy when you refinance within seven years of the original financing. Contact us for more details.

Download Refinancing your Home flyer

*As long as the unpaid balance of the existing loan does not exceed the amount of the new loan. When including a new home equity loan with the refinance of an existing lien already covered by a Mortgage Policy the credit applies only to the original indebtedness being renewed and extended. The reduction in rate herein shall not apply in any case where any additional property not covered by the original policy(ies) is included in the policy to be issued. In no event shall the premium collected be less than the regular minimum promulgated rate for a Mortgagee Policy. Credits may vary by state.