Listing Agent Checklist

Listing-Agent-Checklist-11Avoid problems at your closing by using this simple checklist.

  • Fill out your closing control sheet.
  • Provide payoff information from the seller.
  • Provide Social Security numbers to eliminate additional requirements. This often is necessary when ordering payoffs.
  • Is there a homeowners’ association? If so, please provide its name and number. Is there a sub-association?
  • Is there an estate/trust? Is there an attorney?
  • Have one of the sellers passed away?
  • Provide all Addenda and counterproposals.
  • Provide the inspection resolution. Are there any items to be credited or escrows to be held?
  • Is this going to be a mail out to the seller?
  • Commission Disbursement: Please include a fully completed commission statement with listing and selling agents commission.
  • Power of attorney? Let us know.
  • Is this a 1031 exchange and, if so, what is the name of the company?

Download Listing Agent Checklist flyer